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Helping Clients Navigate Complex Legal Environments

   Oregon's rules covering commercial, industrial and other developments; unmanned aircraft systems regulations; and, the relationship between religious institutions and government — what do these all have in common?

   They are complicated, simultaneously requiring a nuanced understanding of of applicable federal, state, regional and local laws, programmatic histories, stakeholders and nimble thinking.

   Wendie Kellington and her associates at Kellington Law Group, PC, have been helping clients avoid pitfalls and find success in these challenging legal environments since 1983.

   If your project would benefit from counsel and expertise, please contact us at 503-636-0069 or by using our contact link.


Our Mission Statement

We are obsessed with getting to the bottom of a problem and fixing it.

No one will ever outwork us to solve a problem.

The words ‘that is good enough’ are not in our vocabulary.

To be obsessed as we are with getting to "Yes" can certainly be misunderstood.

What some may see as an irrational preoccupation with our craft, we see as the defining difference between average and unforgettable.

It is not easy or convenient to work the way we do. We simply know of no other way.

To create value and outcomes that clients will go out of their way to find again and again, requires a focus that eliminates mediocrity.

Meet Our Team


Wendie Kellington



Brian Zvaigzne

Information Technology Specialist

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