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The following documents have been authored by Wendie Kellington or reflect her work in land-use cases. They are provided as examples only, and do not constitute legal advice.​

Knick vs Township of Scott

The Seminar Group

Oregon Land Use Law

June 2019

American Bar Association Keynote

32nd Annual Land Use Institute

Detroit, Michigan

April 2018

Agricultural Land Uses

The Urban Lawyer, Volume 39-4

American Bar Association

March 2018

Unconstitutional Takings Update

Land Use Law

The Seminar Group

December 2017

Final Opinion and Order

Karen Morgan v. Jackson County

LUBA No. 2017-053

September 2017

Effects of Federal Regulation

American Bar Association Mid-Year Update

State and Local Government Section

Miami, Florida

February 2017

Comprehensive Planning and

Non-Conforming Uses

American Bar Association Annual Meeting

Chicago, Illinois

July 2015

Land Use Board of Appeals

Practice Tips

Oregon State Bar Annual Meeting

Real Estate and Land Use Section

August 2005

Arizona Cattle Growers v. BLM

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Analysis of Legal Opinion

December 2001

   With decades of experience navigating Oregon's labyrinthine land-use laws, the Kellington Law Group, PC, recognizes that the process is simultaneously legal and political. 

   To deliver results in this challenging arena, we bring to bear not only hard-won knowledge regarding this subject, but also a keen ability to “see the floor” to develop a winning strategy.

   Since 1983, Wendie Kellington has assisted clients in obtaining land use approval for commercial centers, industrial facilities, residential subdivisions, billboards and many others from state, regional and local government agencies. She has effectively represented her clients in venues that range from city councils, to county commissions, to the state Land Use Board of Appeals, as well as trial and appellate courts.

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