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Religious Institutions

Articles and Opinions

The following documents have been authored by Wendie Kellington or reflect her work in religious institution cases. They are provided as examples only, and do not constitute legal advice.​

Tarr vs. Multnomah County

Decision issued by

Court of Appeals

State of Oregon

August 2020

Religious Land Use

American Bar Association

34th Annual Land Use Institute

State and Local Government Section

April 2020

Federal Regulations Affecting Land Use by Religious Institutions

American Bar Association Mid-Year Update

Miami, Florida

February 2017

US Department of Justice Letter Regarding Religious Land Use

Office of the Assistant Attorney General

Civil Rights Division

Washington, D.C.

December 2016


Religious Land Uses

American Bar Association Annual Meeting

Chicago, Illinois

July 2015

Religious Land Use and

Institutionalized Persons Act

ALI/ABA Land Use Institute

March 2007

Federal Regulation Affecting

Religious Land Use

ALI/ABA Land Use Institute

San Diego, California

August 2005

  The U.S. Constitution says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Religious institutions provide the critical scaffolding for the exercise of this important federal right. State and local land use regulations often regulate this important right, making it challenging to site temples, churches, mosques and other houses of worship and fulfill this important constitutional command.

   The laws protecting religious freedom are often not well understood by state and local officials. The Kellington Law Group, P.C., understands the laws that define the relationship between church and state and we have represented many religious institutions to ensure that the rights of individuals and religious institutions are protected and that the important work of houses of worship, can flourish.


  Among the rights that protect religious freedom that we bring to bear, is the federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA), passed by Congress on July 27, 2000, and signed into law by President Bill Clinton in September of that year. Wendie Kellington understands this important federal law and has used its important protections to help religious institutions. She has written and presented extensively about its terms.

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