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Treatment of Immigrants vs. Citizens

Today, I share an article (in .PDF format) written by Gideon Kanner, Loyola Law School Professor of Law Emeritus, published in the Los Angeles Daily Journal.  Professor Kanner persuasively argues that the government response to the homeless crisis is inconsistent and ineffective.

He poignantly recalls the huge uproar that took place last year when the Trump administration put into effect its “zero tolerance” policy at the border and began separating migrant children from their parents.  However, in contrast, he points out, there has been no similar outpouring of anger or sympathy when this happens, as it does every day, to parents who are incarcerated in the United States and their children cannot go with them: read, these American citizens are separated from their children.

He explains, that while the government has built housing encampments – modest to be sure - for immigrant families, it is a great deal more than the government provides for homeless US citizens.  Read the full article here.

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